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Attack Attack!

Attack Attack!

There are times when a band comes along who are beating a pathway so original, so fresh, so breathtakingly new, they shock everyone who hears them into delighted submission.

And there are times when the pursuit of such uniqueness is so desperate that everyone simply puts their hands over their ears and laughs. Welcome, then, to the second album from Ohio shit-beaters Attack Attack!, the band for whom the interwebular meme ‘haters gotta hate’ seems to have been invented.

Whoever thought this band should continue beyond a brief piece of YouTube LULZ needs boiling in a rusty barrel of their own piss. The oh-so-original mixing of overly-chuggy Metal with nightmarishly auto-tuned Techno gibberish slices and shits on ‘the most extreme elements of metal and pop’, according to the band’s PR, creating ‘a new genre all together [sic]’. However, there’s nothing new about a kitchen of demented sonic chefs, drunk on their own Communion Gatorade, throwing every ingredient they can get their hands on into an enormous gumbo, before shrieking and vomiting with joy at the resulting tasteless, flatulent, brown goo.


Listen: www.myspace.com/attackattack