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Still So Far To Go. . .The Best of Chris Rea

Chris Rea

A collection of Chris Rea’s finest music.

Hmm. OK, let’s keep this short. I won’t prolong the agony (Chris can do that on his own) but a Best Of from Tesco’s-own one-man Dire Straits is not likely to set the musical world on fire. If you’re a fan, you’ll have these tracks anyway, so there’s a couple of newbies to open your wallet for - the last track on each disc. This is a bit like fighting your way through all the level bosses on a video game, only to find the final one is a complete walk-over and shaped like an effeminate Sumo wrestler.

Personally, I could care less that some think Rea ‘the world’s best slide guitarist’ when he isn’t. I can’t get past the nausea induced by such tracks as Driving Home For Chistmas, The Road To Hell and the gut-flamingly awful Auberge. Right, I’m off to clean my keyboard and attempt to induce memory-loss with vodka.

Listen: www.chrisrea.com