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Fear For Those Who Missed It


When I was a kid, we used to sometimes go and stay with my Mum’s friends who lived just outside of Glasgow.

They lived on this 1980’s built concrete estate. One day me and my friend Bruce found the plastic cover to the gear box from one of those yellow go karts that were pretty popular back then. There was this lad skateboarding up and down the square. We thought it would be funny to leave it in his way and that he may crash if he hit it.

Well of course he hit it; I don’t know why we did it. Maybe it was because I sucked at skating and hated seeing someone else do well at it, who knows. I remember him swearing and shouting away at us, threats of violence and bad language were thrown our way. He had a look of real anger on his face and it carried through in his voice.

That was real anger, not the faux-screaming anger peddled by Coventry hardcore (only in name) troupe Conduit. It’s a shiningly well produced solid gold turkey. Throwing together various metal and core elements and horrible screamed vocals and melodic wailing.

Somewhere I hope that lad who we made crash is playing this sort of music.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thisisconduit