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Cuddly Shark

Cuddly Shark

After casually tossing off two of the finest singles of this year in Woody Woodpecker and The Sheriff of Aspen Way, Cuddly Shark raised hopes for their debut long-player.

I am more than happy to report that said album contains more high-quality, low-fidelity punches against the seemingly-endless tide of bland tripe most iTunes store zombies seem more than happy to fork out for. The band may have to pull the staples from such meaningless-muso labels as ‘indie’, ‘punk’ or ‘punk indie’, ‘indie punk’ or ‘Scottish’ but I’m sure this will only serve to sharpen their riffs and lyrical bile. And if a certain Mr. Holland had a genuine regard for new music then he would get them on his show based on track nine alone.

Listen: www.myspace.com/cuddlyshark