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It’s always a delight to find an album that grips you from its opening notes to its last verse.

This is certainly the case with Essex sextet eaststrikewest and latest release Wolvves. From the haunting echoes of opening track God Can’t Take His Eyes Off Me, it is clear this is going to be an epic journey of an album. Sound-wise it gravitates towards the likes of Doves, early-era Muse and Manchester prog-rockers Oceansize to name a few.

Tracks like Welcoming The Ghost, The Architect and soon-to-be single Stumble soar with melody and create the most grandest of soundscapes that dazzle the listener. The musicianship of eaststrikewest produces some of the most intricate passages with such texture and colour, it is almost illuminating. There is a cinematic and orchestral feel throughout Wolvves that just keeps you gripped from start to finish.

What sets Wolvves apart from other post-rock/progressive rock albums is that it is a lot more unique and accessible whilst at the same time remains forward thinking and subtly pushing the creative boundaries.

Perhaps one of the most ambitious and epic releases of the year, this is a modern-day masterpiece that is virtually flawless.

Listen: www.myspace.com/eaststrikewestband