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I Surrender (Single)

Ella Montclare

Ella Montclare’s rich, soulful voice is perfect for Trip Hop, the subtle variations in her delivery develop a very pleasing flow in I Surrender.

This is neatly contrasted by the minimal drones and loops to create a textbook Trip Hop track that would not be out of place on Dummy (Portishead 1994).

The downside to this perfection is that I Surrender sounds like dinner party mood music. Montclare’s lyrics explore the tensions of being a Modern woman in an old fashioned relationship, "Something tells me we’ll be dining on all our dreams tonight. O I surrender." However, the track’s immaculate production leaves no way for this sense of ambiguity to come through, missing are the arresting, and sinister elements of tracks like Sour Times.

While I Surrender does play it a little safe overall it is still a highly accomplished track that is sure to find a large audience and invites further exploration of Montclare’s catalogue, particularly if she starts to breathe new life into Trip Hop by pushing at its boundaries.

Listen: www.myspace.com/ellamontclaremusic