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Some things are inevitable.

The sky will be blue tomorrow, the tides will turn and hard rock will never die. Following off from where Europe and the Scorpions left off, the Finnish five piece Firenote have delivered their debut album “Firenote”; which starts off with the aptly titled anthem “Firenote”. Personally, I think that all bands should have a song that summarises their manifesto and lets the listener know exactly what is about to happen. Motorhead did it...and if it’s good enough for Lemmy!

The subject matter isn’t too important - going fast, breaking rules, stealing hearts - this ain’t Keats. But the riffs are there, fist pumping stadium sized drums are present, the classical keyboards add a certain timeless (mainly 80’s) quality and singer Ricky does a great Geoff Tate (Queensryche) impression. This is great hard rocking stuff that would have any classic rock fan shaking their fist inside their tasselled biker jacket.

The power ballads are done well, although it seems like they are part of a three part trilogy - “My Love Will Never Die” is followed by “Don’t Ever Fall In Love” and completed by “Love Me Or Let Me Live”. This band knows love, or not....I’m not to sure.

For me, it’s all about the final song “She Stole My Speedo’s”. Now, I’m not sure if this was a last minute song added at the end, or it’s a joke or if they are fanatical swimmers. Who cares!? It has the lyric:

“Plenty of time to the Olympics - Like Phelps I’m counting on my juice mix”.

I take back what I said about Keats. He was a soppy wuss, Firenote havn’t got time to woo - they’ve got Speedo’s with white stripes....and beer...and guitars! Rock on!

Listen: www.myspace.com/firenote