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Up All Night (Single)

French Horn Rebellion

I need to find a soundproof bunker somewhere to sit out this current revival of all things ‘80s.

Take this Casiotone pair, for example. French Horn Rebellion seem to be aiming at wedding reception soundtracks the world over, where the bride hasn’t lost as much weight as she wanted to and the groom is too pissed, too early. The lights are flashing over an empty dance floor; the grandkids have nodded off in a pile of coats. Tables are littered with half-eaten vol-au-vents stuffed with some unidentifiable grey goo and half-empty bottles of M&S Buck’s Fizz lie kicked under chairs. A scene to slit your wrists to, basically and FHR provide the soundtrack. It may be the sound of the moment but its android sensibilities grate after one listen. The Emperor needs some new clothes for the next wedding.

Listen: www.myspace.com/frenchhornrebellion