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The Haunted Year : Autumn

Jackie Leven

Jackie Leven’s final seasonally-themed re-release has something for everyone; live tracks, studio tracks, banter, humour - if you prefer your music unadulterated by the marketing bullshit of modern popular ‘culture’, you should find plenty to love, here.

At first glance something for hardcore JL fans only, Greek Notebook repays a listen or three. There’s an insight into Leven’s songwriting process, ideas come spinning out of the air whilst someone does the housework in the background. And the man himself can always find a copy should he mislay his actual notebook.

Disc two is a usual Leven mixed bag, with the outstanding point being his voice - whether singing, speaking or swearing. Sting’s Dead is a particularly cringe-worthy example of why Leven has so many stories to tell: most people don’t try and move an intrusive train passenger by lying about the death of a pop star. But it makes for yet another rough diamond tale - and Jackie Leven has no shortage of those.

Listen: www.jackieleven.co.uk