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Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

An invitation from Jet a few years back which many women would not want to refuse, and words that many men too could not avoid as they imitated and mouthed along to these lyrics in bedrooms or indie-clubs across the nation. Same with grower, Rollover DJ, or the charming and woeful Look What You’ve Done, which came along and got under plenty of people’s skin but in a good way! That was nearly six years ago, and now here we are with Jet’s third album which also marks the Australian four-piece’s return after a near three year break. So, what is new and what is old with Jet?

Establishing the rock right away, there’s no confusion with this album’s title and blazing opening promise of K.I.A, a shiner until the chorus kicks in. Yep, the rock theme is stamped heavily all over the tracks on this offering, even the slower songs.

Singer and guitarist, Nic Cester speaks his way through second track Beat On Repeat like a bored teenager rebelling against the world “Daddy wants to know why you love nobody?” he asks…whatever.

She’s A Genius, is spiky and looking right at the women again but lacks the blatant appeal of the aforementioned anthems but when Black Hearts (On Fire) strips back to 60s rock and roll and pitches it against an 80s chorus, it could be a contender, maybe.

La Di Da starts promising with Nic Cester’s vocals taking on the guise of Jagger, against emotive keys and retro riff backdrop but the inclusion of this La Di Da chorus almost takes the track’s appeal away. Times Like This provides Jet with more strength as does Start The Show. But as Nic pleads on Let Me Out, you can’t help wondering what he wants release from?

While some sounds on this album are reminiscent of other bands, which almost drag parts of the album back to the past, as they evoke the likes of the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, INXS and AC/DC there’s also Jet traits sewn distinctively through each song. However, at times it almost sounds like the track-listing of a ‘greatest rock’ compilation.

It may be a new album, but there’s an old vibe that’s also present throughout and while it’s done with audacity it’s as though at times Jet can’t help looking over their shoulders for direction. But then this retro feel to their sound is nothing new to sing about, well established and accepted by those who take pleasure and comfort too.

Listen: www.jettheband.com