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King Tree & The Roots

I wanted to like King Tree & The Roots, they sent a really nice little hand written note with their CD.

It made me happy & as the EP kicked off with “Hooked” I was indeed. Amazing gravitas filled vocals harking to Nick Cave & some a world full of stories, not the sort of thing you normally hear coming out of Manchester.

Then track two; High Tide. Those fantastic vocals are suddenly covered in wishy washy distortion, OK fair enough, start off strong then lull your listener into a sense of relaxation then you hit them with another stomper right? Wrong. The remaining tracks on the EP sound like a bunch of kids were locked in a room & the only two CD’s they had were a “Best of Shoegaze” & Reverend Horton Heat.

When you have such a strong vocal identity it seems insane to me that you would then over produce those vocals into something else. Not only that, but more worryingly, something so fashionable at the moment (A la Vivian Girls & The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.)

I do want to hear more from this band, but only to see if they can live up to the potential shown and maybe go back to their “roots”.

Listen: www.myspace.com/kingtreeandtheroots