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Wasps, Birds and Clients

Los Salvadores

“Folk Punk”.

That’s essentially the best way to describe this CD, but it’s really not overly accurate. Folk punk is rather an americanised genre, with bands like Against Me!, Ghost Mice et al taking their inspiration from the likes of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Woodie Guthrie. Los Salvadores are a mix of more traditional English folk music, Billy Bragg and the Clash - kind of like The Levellers meets Gogol Bordello. Except they’re really, really good, and probably a lot cleaner.

There’s an almost Flamenco thing going on with the guitars in places, with lots of quite intricate plucked melodies, backed by melancholy violin and bouncy, clattering drums. There’s definitely more than a hint of London Calling era Clash, and the ebullient enthusiasm is akin to Gogol Bordello.

There’s something inherently charming not just in the unique style of the music but also in the heart-on-sleeve honesty in the heartfelt lyrics.

A winner.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lossalvadores