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No More Stories


Experimental Danish rockers Mew are back with a slice of even more outstanding tracks with their new album ‘No More Stories’.

The opening track ‘New Terrain’ explodes straight into an atmospheric hole that can only be compared to the expansive greatness of a band such as Sigur Ros. It is clear that Mew are still on the same track that they were on years ago - nothing but sheer brilliance.

‘Repeaterbeater’, one of the most stand-out tracks on the entire album opens yet again with a dramatic riff shared between guitars and drums followed by stunning lyrics. It is nothing short of what you would expect from Mew.

No More Stories marks a more mature Mew not only is this packed with absolutely beautiful songs it is also an evolution from their previous work - which lets face it is already amazing. If you want an album that creates the most magical atmosphere whilst oozing amazing musical capability then this is a definite.

Listen: www.myspace.com/mew