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It’s every young band’s dream to be discovered by your hero and signed to his label.

This is dream became a reality for California’s Orange when they were signed by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong to his label Hellcat Records when they were only sixteen back in 2004. Fast forward five years and the young punk upstarts are slugging away still despite losing a rhythm section. Re-energised with a new injection of fresh musicians, Orange has returned with a solid punk record.

Right away the influences are apparent with the Rancid-style song writing. If you don’t think vocalist/bassist Joe Dexter sounds like Billie Joe Armstrong - you are clearly in denial. Frequent references about Dexter’s battle with cystic fibrosis are hinted throughout the record. Nevertheless this album is full of heart-on-sleeve lyrics, power pop choruses and bubblegum verses.

For those jaded by Green Day’s new rock opera sound, this is the modern equivalent of Nimrod and Insomniac. An average yet solid effort.

Listen: www.myspace.com/orange