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Lake Effect

Polite Sleeper

An intense affair from the start, Lake Effect sees Brooklyn trio Polite Sleeper reflecting on the world around them with near weep-inducing tones of melancholy in this, their second LP.

The poetic These Are Not Fall Colours, an opening statement, is drenched in anguish and wonder both melodically and vocally, and it’s soon apparent that singer and guitarist, Jason Olovich is far from chirpy as their tracks meander on.

Occasionally vocalist Jason resembles what perhaps a tearful REM may sound like if they fronted Death Cab For Cutie. Then comes title track, Lake Effect which is as vast as the natural elements of it’s namesake, followed by high-point Eleven Months. As for how the Lake Effect affects? What a bitter-sweet way to get a message across.

Listen: www.myspace.com/politesleeper