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Run From Robots

Someone once said of me: “When I met Cindy, or Nick as he is actually called, I thought he was a bell-end”, that story has a moderately happy ending because that person eventually learned to vaguely tolerate me as a person, but it shows the dangers that a bad first impression can create.

This brings me delightfully to Run From Robots’ opening track Red Rocket. Apparently bands are usually one song away from ‘making it’, however I feel Run From Robot’s are one lost rhyming dictionary away from disbanding.

I mean for fucks sake:

“I’m searching to find a reason why/ I would never let this die/ Come find out why/ I’m sailing into the deep blue sea/ To see what I could see”

That is the opening verse of the opening song, as first impressions go that’s about as bad as [insert highly offensive ‘joke’ that my friend told me to remove - it involved goats though]. It is just quite immeasurably bad. Anyone with ears will hear just how bad it is. And it is a little bit of a shame because actually, Run From Robots have managed to nail (by nail I mean almost replicate but in a worse way) Four Year Strong’s sound, the chugging down-tuned guitars actually work quite well and musically this song is quite good. But wait, Red Rocket has finished, but the next song sounds absolutely identical, I mean ridiculously so. There’s trying to maintain a consistent sound and there’s not changing anything.

To be completely honest, I lied earlier when I said my first impression was formed from the opening verse of the first song. I had mostly already formed it by the time I read the song titles. I realise this is not an overly wise admission from someone who is at least masquerading as a music reviewer, but they suck balls: “C U @ the Clinic”? Just no. Ironically it is probably the best song on the mini-album, certainly musically it is. The drums and the guitars intertwine pretty professionally and it does sound like a b-side from a Four Year Strong album crossed with My Awesome Compilation. It does however contain a ‘breakdown’; I’m sure the kids love that shit but it’s getting a bit tired.

So Run From Robot’s have succeeded in being a poor man’s Four Year Strong and if that is enough for them then well done. But if they want to improve then they should have a serious think about working on their lyrics greatly and at least trying to vary their sound a little bit.

Listen: www.myspace.com/runfromrobotsofficial