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Wowzers + Luna Disco (Single)

Squid Ninjaz

Squid Ninjaz are an 8-man hip-hop crew from Wales who have been compared to the Wu Tang Clan, and being a fan of the Wu Tang Clan myself I wanted to see if Squid Ninjaz lived up to this favourable comparison.

Wowsers / Luna Disco are the first two tracks to be taken from the forthcoming album ‘Revenge of the Bowlfish’. To be honest before I got hold of Wowsers / Luna Disco I hadn’t previously heard of Squid Ninjaz, so thought it was a little unfair to already be comparing them to the infamous Wu Tang Clan as they have been around since releasing their first single in 1993. In Luna Disco they even have the lyrics “Swarm like Killa Beez”, if you don’t know ‘Killa Beez’ are then that’s what the Wu Tang Clan call themselves.

Then again you have to give Squid Ninjaz a chance. After listening to Wowsers it’s only fair to say that the varied beat and the rhyming skills are definitely similar to Wu Tang Clans.

Already I am contradicting myself!

Wowsers (Dirty) version is extremely adult humoured, and not for the faint hearted, then again what would you expect from the gritty grimy Welsh 8 piece clan! If you are going to have a listen to Squid Ninjaz I recommend it be the Wowsers (Dirty), as that’s obviously unedited and the best version. If you hear them on the radio it will no doubt be edited a lot, so I can only say if you like it try and get your hands on an unedited version, you will prefer it.

The beats and rhymes in Luna Disco are approached in a similar style to Wowsers. Again the beat is choppy and varied, giving the single a unique sound different to most commercial music that we hear on the radio and TV in today’s times. I hope that Squid Ninjaz actually get more exposure as I would like to see how they would be embraced by fans of hip hop. I reckon they will be a marmite clan; you will either love them or hate them.

Overall Squid Ninjaz has rhyming ability; the beats on Wowsers and Luna Disco are OK. Though they can be compared to Wu Tang Clan, they are still a long, long way off yet, in time to come though…. who knows!

The forthcoming album ‘Return of the Bowlfish’ I think will be a hit in Wales; don’t know about the rest of the UK though.

Listen: www.myspace.com/squidninjaz