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Break Your Heart (Single)

Taio Cruz

The rise and the rise of….

Taio Cruz.

Since his arrival on the music scene Taio Cruz has exploded and has consistently impressed release after release since his debut single ‘Come On Girl’, which was taken from his Gold-selling debut album ‘Departure’ in 2008. Other hits taken from Departure included ‘I Can Be’ and ‘She’s Like A Star’.

Taio’s forthcoming album ‘Rokstarr’ is due for release: 12/10/2009. The first single will be ‘Break Your Heart’ which is an up tempo R&B track, with smooth lyrics and a constant cool beat, and I know this is a review of the music on the single but I have to mention the slick video as well!

‘Break Your Heart’ is a catchy R&B/dance hit that has now in my opinion puts Taio Cruz amongst one of the greatest current musicians in the UK at the moment.

‘Break Your Heart’ must be good… even my mom likes it, and she never likes the same kind of music as me, and guess what? I love it too! My point being this song is so well written and performed that it is a song for anyone, people of all ages will be fans of Taio Cruz before to long if he continues releasing further hits like this one.

With Taio’s debut album ‘Departure’ selling Gold, I predict that ‘Rokstarr’ will sell platinum with songs like this. I put the rise and rise of Taio Cruz because the 25-year old Londoner continues to get better and better with each hit, since his arrival I have liked every one of his songs, and would say that ‘Break Your Heart’ is his best single yet.

Can’t wait for Rokstarr, hopefully there’s more big hits like this one!

Good work Mr Taio Cruz!

Listen: www.myspace.com/taiocruzmusic