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Fireworks (Single)

Tell It To The Marines

Tell It To The Marines are not a band who struggle to find a genre to classify themselves.

Christening their band as ‘ambient-post-pop-punk’ TITTM seems to have a lot to cram into a 3:34 song to achieve this and truthfully, it would have been more honest of them to have simply put ‘pop-punk’.

But semantics aside TITTM are a highly polished, professional sounding outfit with a sound that, while not as original as their genre suggests, is not wholly generic or clichéd. The song itself is a well written rock song, the chorus has a good hook and the song structure is not completely formulaic. It is clear to see that TITTM are not content to stick to the same song writing conventions that can dog modern pop-punk and that a lack of ambition is never going to be a problem for this quintet.

Fireworks sounds a bit like a slightly heavier My Awesome Compilation with, maybe a hint, of Fightstar thrown in thanks to the slightly shouty vocals on the outro chorus. All in all, it is a solid effort from a band that seems to have the ambition to go quite far.

Listen: www.myspace.com/tellittothemarines