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The Brothers Movement

The Brothers Movement

Oscar Wilde once wrote gThere is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book.

Books are well written or badly written. That is allh*

A fairly sweeping statement that seems to nullify the idea of subjectivity (thus rendering my role into a markers world of ã & X es) and if this binary blueprint is applied to all forms of art then it inevitably reduces all pieces of creation to a simplistic matter of beauty. Those that borrow and imitate clearly lack imagination and innovation, yet if they slot into pre-ordained guidelines that define beauty in a cut and dried fashion, then it can still be classified as egoodf or of ebeautyf. It is at this point that I have to sidestep the blanket flourished by Mr. Wilde as it leaves no room for pragmatism or agenda, both of which encourage the asking of questions.

Questions such as -

Havenft I heard this before?

Why are they parading themselves with this faux retro image?

And why do I feel dirty after each song? (Ifm not talking about the good kind of Turbonegro warm sheen of grease dirty that comes from going eballs-outf but more along the lines or accidentally-finding-your-parents-home-video-collection-and-finally-worked-out-that-the-weird-smell-is-the-shit-ravaged-Y-fronts-stuck-to-the-sofa-next-to-your-head kind of dirty)

To answer the first question a simple list is all that is required -

1. Blind - The Verve
2. Standing Still - Oasis fronted by Steve Brodsky
3. Sister - The Beatles
4. Someday - The Verve (again)
5. The Salute - U2
6. Coming Home - The Stone Roses
7. War and Peace - Coldplay
8. I am You, You are Me - Pyramids
9. Is God Dead - all of the above mashed into all of the below
10. When we Leave - Kasabian/The Verve (just to mix things up)
11. We Shall lift our heads - Godspeed You Black Emperor!

The thing is, I quite like the Stone Roses, Pyramids, Godspeedc. And the Beatles, however I would definitely choose each and every one of these bands over the plagiarising Brothers Movement.

Add to this the nonsensical lyrics of War and Peace gIf you want peace, then prepare for war, cause Ifm tired of fighting I donft want no moreh (Ifm not even picking up on the double negative of donft want no)

Also this ingenious line can be found on Standing Still - gA love so strong, the winds gone from itfs sailsh - now Ifm no meteorologist but love minus itfs driving force doesnft sound that strong to me, unless of course the sarcastic wit of eDandaf has passed over my head, in which case I apologise for the idiotic boob that I was those thirty or so words back.

The Brothers Movement sound like they desperately want to be Rock Stars, none more so than main-man Danda, whose name is only beaten in the hilarity stakes by Bono Vox and The Edge. If that is their agenda then fine, just please try and do it with a slightly thicker veil next time.

This marker is handing the work in question over to the education authorities

*This quote comes from OWfs only novel (recently release in celluloid for those who donft like using their reading eyes).

Listen: www.myspace.com/thebrothersmovement