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Like Flies

The Deceived

To start with there’s a fair amount to not find offensive about Manchester’s ’The Deceived’.

But guys, sing with your own accent. It’s not like anyone from Manchester has had a trouble getting famous/critical acclaim/making money/selling albums by being a touch regional is it Oh wait.... (if your mental list of Manchester bands isn’t over five already, you’ve failed).

Large chunks of the album are pleasant & ultimately forgettable, but there are the odd early Glassjaw moment or occasional blast beat that calls to mind the ’Light Meets Heavy’ joys of Four Year Strong.

But the simple fact is with all the chug-chug-squeal, crunch-crunch-discord followed by singing chorus it dips in toe so far in the Nu Metal pond; if it was an unattended four year old it would drown in it.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thedeceived