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Blonde Fire (Single)

The Hickey Underworld

These guys have been getting quite a bit of press recently, with significant column inches devoted to the fact that they’re from Belgium.

In reality, that’s boring and actually pretty inconsequential Shock horror - bands don’t just come from New York and London!

In significant contrast, the band’s music is anything but boring. The riffs start off dark and menacing, like These Arms Are Snakes or latter-day Poison The Well, helped along the way by a big drum beat and a lot of bass fuzz. It could have gone straight down the scary Jesus Lizard route, but instead the vocals tempt you in with a nice melody (with the occasional scream though), like Julian Casablancas having a bad day. Instead, the scary comes from the video, where a strange hobo/artist digs through rubbish in a warehouse/studio creating ‘life’, then destroying it. It’s all a bit disturbing, and you know you want to watch it, so go here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkB56z_8nck.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thehickeyunderworldmusic