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Eyes & Nines

Trash Talk

Following in the footsteps of Gallows and Fucked up, Trash Talk are the NME’s newest pet hardcore band.

For once, you should believe the hype because Trash Talk continually deliver. Although they tend to specialise in frantic, messy thrash (it’s a similar sort of noise to Rolo Tomassi) this record marks a departure for Trash Talk. For the most part they still tear through (almost) every track at breakneck speed but this time round they brought hardcore’s old friend ‘song structure’. Eyes & nines is tough guy hardcore re-imagined in a way that’s typically Trash Talk: Breakdown heavy, sing-alongs, even (gasp!) choruses are all fed through Trash Talk’s violence machine: sloppy as fuck guitars, lightning-fast drumming and frenzied, barely intelligible vocals.

It’s a good noise, but it’s nothing new. For a band like Trash Talk who always tries to push their sound forward, it seems a bit like a step backwards to record an album that owes so much to early hardcore releases, but for some reason it just works. Yeah, it’s nothing new, but it is insanely good to listen to. It goes without saying, but these songs were made to be played live and as fantastic as they are on record, listening to Eyes & Nines leaves you wishing you were there.

The one thing that this album shows is Trash Talk’s versatility. Yeah, they can do thrash, they can do tough guy and with Hash Wednesday, they do stoner too. With this record, they prove that they’re worthy of the Hype. It’s sad that other hardcore bands like Outbreak and Blacklisted don’t get the same sort of exposure, but Trash Talk really work hard with Eyes & Nines to prove that they’re worthy of it.

Listen: www.myspace.com/trashtalkfu