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A Sun + Ahh Ahh (Single)

Tweak Bird

Have you heard Tweak Bird yet?

They are just wonderful, like if Geddy Lee cloned himself twice & raised his boys on big riffs & a serious lack of musical boundaries. If that doesn’t make you want to hear this single, then as Jay Z would possibly say, I feel bad for you son.

To start with there is nothing surprising about this single (which is a huge compliment as their début EP ’Reservations’ is still one of my most played records, not of this year, just most played records), it’s of as higher standard as anything they’ve released thus far, but then the Sax kicks in. Yup. Sax. Not saxophone, that’s something else altogether, but dirty, sleazy, Two-Tone infused sax, that stopped me completely in my tracks.

Apparently the B side that will come with the vinyl has flute on. It shouldn’t work, but I bet it will. Truly brilliant, truly unique & as they put it: “Our influences don’t exist. They are made up”

It’s rare these days a band gets me so excited, but Tweak Bird are that band. If you like the Desert Sessions, Morphine & Big Business & you haven’t fallen head over heels for these two brothers. Get on it. Now.

Listen: www.myspace.com/tweakbird