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Dance To The Radio - 4 x 12” Volume 2 of 4


Dance To The Radio is a Leeds based record label started by Whiskas of Forward Russia, with the roster being as varied as the influences of his former band a set of compilations of bands was always going to be as eclectic as it is brilliant.

If you want a good idea of what the most interesting new bands around the world are doing you could do a lot worse than starting with these four.

First off are Brooklyn 4 piece Suckers with perfect physc-infused slice of summer ’It Gets Your Body Movin’’. Which it does, not in the shaking your ass on the dance floor way, more in the swaying in your chair at a really good BBQ way. A rousing, beautiful, catchy tune that utilises a plethora of instruments, repetition & even a wee bit of whistling to create a wholly listenable piece of pop.

And to continue in a completely different way, Holy State coming riffing and shouting into the mix. This is perfect noisy sexy dirty rock made by four clean cut Leeds boys. It has attitude without aggression and is uncompromising yet danceable. Bringing to mind Drive Like Jehu & Jesus Lizard it seems the future of punk & rock borrows from the past whilst looking straight ahead. Balls out & brilliant.

Das Racist are next up, terrible name, amazing beats. Sounding like a 14 year with an old casio & a hacked copy of frooty loops trying to re-create early Grime mixes he stole from his big brother’s room & rapping that has more in common with Scroobius Pip than 50 Cent, they can call themselves whatever they want. Truly clever & funny rhymes (getting in a rap about Roquefort & Greuyer will always win points with me.) lo-fi but clean and danceable beats that are too dark and sexy to come off like nerdcore comedy rappers such as MC’s Chris or Lars. Whilst they do need to be taken with a huge pinch of salt, it’s more to bring out the flavour than anything else. Just awesome.

Lastly but not leastly are another Leeds 4 piece Bear Driver joining the large stable of groups playing music that sounds like My Bloody Valentine. To me this is no bad thing, I play The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s eponymous début until I was sick of it & would bore you to Death recommending Nottingham based Amusement Parks On Fire (Who have been doing it 5 years longer than most) but I am a tiny bit bored of every band ever suddenly sounding like this. Having said that, this track is fantastic, it has a lot more rock than space & is considerably less smug than acts like Empire of The Sun. This is where the TINY bit bored part comes in, Bear Driver are not boring, much like Suckers they just sound so much like summer disliking them means you also dislike cold beers, ice creams & picnics. Hating those things is like hating kittens.

This is the second twelve inch in a series of four & if this is anywhere close to the standard on the other three records I’m clicking that link below and buying the rest of them now. I suggest you do them same. Otherwise you hate music (& kittens).

Listen: www.myspace.com/suckerstheband, www.myspace.com/holystate, www.myspace.com/dasracist, www.myspace.com/thebeardriver